Saturday, 28 May 2011

To Veil or not to Veil

So now you have an idea of your dress what about a veil? today there are no hard or fast rules where weddings are concerned and it really is a matter of personal choice. Nowadays options of pretty tiaras, combs and sometimes simple flowers in the hair are a popular option.
  If you are considering a veil make sure it will suit the style of dress you have chosen and make sure you try plenty on before making a decison.

Cascade Veil

                                                                    cathedral length

Chapel length




                                                                         pouf veil

                                                                       Ballet length


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Unusual theme weddings

Fancy dress?  Medieval?

Would love to hear about some of the theme weddings that anyone has either been to, or perhaps you came up with a really unique idea for your special day.

Lets talk more about Dresses

Ok so now you may have some idea of the style of dress you might like, have you thought about what kind of neckline you should go for, there are so many different ones to look at and of course all have their plus and negative sides.

So here is a rough guide to each style:
The Halter neckline       This fastens at the back of the neck and dives quite low in front. This is style suits taller brides with broader shoulders and is generally less flattering for those with a larger bust

Beteau or other wise known as the Boatneck
From shoulder to shoulder this style is slightly curved and sits on the collarbone. Great for those brides with a larger bust who wishes to minimize attention to the bust area.

Square neck - Although it offers a rather open neckline it does not plunge too far into the bustline.  Another great option for those brides with a larger bust.

High neck - speaks for itself

Spagetti Straps -  Especially great for those who want that little added security.

Off the Shoulder - This style sits below the shoulders and has little sleeves that cover part of the upper arms. Always make sure you test this style out as movement can be a little restrictive.

Asymetrical - With a strap over one shoulder this is a great option for a less formal wedding. Best suited for the brides with a delicate collarbone

Another example of a slightly shorter dress with a Bateau neckline

Sweetheart - A popular choice for brides, certainly a great option for a bride who wants to modestly accentuate her cleavage

Another example of a beautiful dress with square neck

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Colour schemes - Colour focus for May


Dresses - which dress?

So lets talk dresses, many brides have been thinking about their dream wedding dress since they were little girls. With so much choice out there its so easy to feel confused, overwhelmed and no idea where to start.

So today lets look at the key styles

                                                                      The Ballgown
This looks great on most brides including the more full figured and hourglass shaped bride.

                                                                     Classic A line

This style is particularly suited to those with broad shoulders, great for hiding wide hips and it can lengthen a short waist.

This style creates a slim and sexy silhouette to the body. Light fabrics softly hugs the body to enhance a great figure.
Petite women will also find this style flattering


This style is similar to the Sheath style but gives a more fitted and tighter look.
If your confident enough, then go for it!

                                                                            Empire line

Simplicity itself, this gown creates the illusion of a larger bust by creating a false waistline just under the bust. Often found in beautiful soft floaty fabrics, and a perfect choice for beach style wedding.
Super for the more slender, tall bride.


Welcome to our Blog, where from today i hope to be posting inspirational and creative ideas, along with information on how to pull your special day together.

So whether its dresses, shoes, hair styles or venue and decor ideas your looking for, watch this space!