Friday, 24 May 2013

Barn Wedding Inspiration

I love Barn Weddings! I think of all the kind of weddings there are I have fallen in love with the relaxed rustic charm of a Barn Wedding.
Barns are often a great blank canvas for you to stamp your own identity on, perfect for those brides who too love shabby chic style.
The great thing about a barn wedding is that you can really keep things simple, with jam jars and tins for your flower centrepieces, ribbons on chairs, bunting, pom poms, fairylights and lanterns.

Below I have posted some of my favourite ideas.

Homemade: Vintage Clock Inspired | Barn Wedding

I totally love this brides approach to her day, its is one of my favourite weddings so far.
 for more check out

 What a lovely idea for an outdoor ceremony, hay bales draped with fabric

What a great idea, horseshoes! why not spread your wedding day luck around to your guests

Pom Poms always look great 

Coming soon .......Best Barn Wedding Venues both in the UK and USA

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