Friday, 24 February 2012

New Bridal Boutique coming to Northallerton!

Coming soon to Northallerton a brand new Bridal Boutique called Rock and Roses.
If you are a Yorkshire Bride looking for the perfect gown then why not go and check them out.
Opening on Saturday 3rd March 2012
10% discount will be offered off a Bridal Gown or Bridesmaid dresses (minimum order of 2) for all Brides that book appointments througout March.

for more information

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Art

who would have thought that you could be artistic with pancakes

Fun Entertainment For Your Reception

Here you are after your beautifully choregraphed wedding ceremony, guests to entertain so where do you start?

You may already have thought about your ceremony, flowers, invitations, but have you made any decisions about your reception entertainment.

Depending on the type of wedding your having you may decide you need something lively & entertaining but whats more, memorable.

So here are a few ideas that I have put together for you to consider


No not the kind that stands there that pulls a rabbit out of a hat on stage, but what about close up table magic, traditionally the magician mingles with the guests during the reception. The Magician is ideal entertainment for between courses, and great for the evening providing they do not have to compete with a DJ at the same time.

Caricature artist

Whats more fun than hiring an artist to sit in a corner at your reception and do caricature pictures of your guests. Most spend on average 10 mins drawing each guest . What a nice idea for your guests to take home.


What about a Vegas style reception and hire a casino for the evening reception.  Most offer blackjack, roulette, poker and dice. Only fun money is used so no real money changes hands. Thrill of gambling without all the risk that real casino's involve.


Another fun way to capture your day is to hire a photobooth. They can be hired, and would be ideal for an evening reception. They usually have a running time of around 4 hours, and along with the prop box that they supply, i guarantee hours of fun, and priceless memories of your day.

Singing Waiters

Why not totally surprise your guests with some Singing Waiters, they blend in with the guests then Surprise! they start singing one at a time leaving the guests in total shock, the look on their faces will be priceless.

Cocktail Bar

Why not add a little flair to the evening with a cocktail bar and talented waiters to match, If you have ever seen the film cocktail with Tom Cruise you will not fail to be impressed by their skills.


Traditionally Discos always go down well, they can be tailoured to your individual needs and you always get input into the play list. Always make sure that you find a good reliable dj with a good reputation, meet with them beforehand to.

Live Music

Whether it be a Jazz band, orchestra or singer, Live music always goes down well, just remember to consider the age range and tastes of not only yourselves but your guests.

Live Entertainment

Alternativly you could look at something a little different. Why not add a little spice and colour to your reception with some Bollywood, Bhangra or even some Carnival dancers.

Dont forget the Children

If the budget will not spread as far as a magician or childrens entertainment in a separate room, then why not organise some activity bags or even a small table in a quiet area where children can draw, colour or even do puzzles. It gives them an area to focus on and will stop long periods of boredom for the younger guests.