Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wedding Guest Book alternatives

As a wedding planner i am always looking for inventive alternatives for weddings, something memorable that will stand out. A guest book is always a must have as along with the photographs and memories, a guest book is a long lasting keepsake and reminder of your special day.

There are a variety of alternatives to the traditional guest book, below are a few of my personal favourites

Why not get your guests to write personal wishes on some pebbles

I love this fingerprint tree - guests simply make a fingerprint leaf and write their names, these can be purchased in kits.

A beautiful pear jar that doubles up as a cookie jar after the wedding, these and more fun ideas can be found at

a great idea, get your guests to write on a brick of the game jenga

A wishing line

Ask your guests to sign a photo frame, this can then be used for your favourite wedding day photograph later on

Wishing trees, i love this idea, they are simple, can be created for a low budget and tailored to your colour scheme. You could add crystals to the tree for an extra magical effect.

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