Saturday, 17 November 2012

Are you Enchanted by Fairies?

Are Enchanted by Fairies?

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had a fascination with Fairies. Think it goes back to when my mum used to read me the stories about the "flower fairies" - in fact they were also the first books that I read to my daughters when they were young. Besides what little girl doesn't love a bit of magic and fairy dust?

Here are a few ideas to inspire your magical fairytale, 
enchanted theme

 There are different ways to do a fairy wedding, from over the top to simple and elegant. The idea is to give your wedding and venue a feel full of magic and possibility. This theme is perfect if you are choosing an outdoor wedding especially in a beautiful woodland or garden.

Decorate with soft lighting, tea lights hung in 
small jars are perfect.

Its amazing if you are crafty minded what you could create, personal touches always go down well

When considering colour's for your theme, try and keep them natural, close to nature but of a soft pallette, such as soft greens, lavender, deep purples or even burgundy reds - great if its an autumn (fall) wedding

Alfred Angelo also do a beautiful range of fantasy princess dresses, they have both uk and american websites.

       For wedding invitations and place cards, why not choose a beautiful swirled font or even better find someone who is a calligraphy artist.

I totally fell in love with this floral work as soon as I saw it,  care of : 

Based in Nashville, USA

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