Friday, 14 September 2012

Wedding Dresses - Should I buy On Online?

Should I buy My Dream Wedding Dress Online? 

dress from online shop
                           dresses look equally beautiful, so easy to be seduced by cheap prices

This is a question that I get asked on numerous occasions and often seen posted on various forums.
With times being so tight financially for most brides and grooms it is so easy to be let into purchasing goods impulsively because they are cheaper.
Now there are some genuine, trustworthy online suppliers based in countries such as China, but there are also those who are not so. 
Buying your Dress from someone online will always have its risks. After all you cannot see the dress in person, try it for its fit or know that if there is anything wrong these people will honour their promises, or even if you will receive it in time for your big day - yes it has happened.
Photographs that are posted on the internet are not always a true representation of the dress or its quality. 
Now if you are still wanting to take that risk then always ask people you know who have done it for recommendations, as well as making sure you have a back up plan - especially if you end up having to pay out for another dress last minute.

A lot of Brides have fixed ideas about the dress they want, so it is always advisable to go and try on a few dresses, you can at least  look at the quality of the dresses and there is somewhere to take it back to should any problems arrive. Not only that but as I have said before lots of brides end up coming out with a dress totally different than the one they went in for.
Trying styles on makes a huge difference. Bridal shops and wedding fairs often have some bargains. so for those who are looking to save money there are some to be had out there its just a case of doing some research.

Its not just dresses either, be careful when purchasing other things online too.
 I know of a bride who quite recently have been ripped off with inferior bouquets and stationary that was printed in the wrong language!!! so brides who have tried to save money actually end up spending out twice or more to correct the problems. Always check out details and websites to the businesses, testimonials do they have any, do they have contact details? even better if you can see the goods in person, if not ask for samples where possible. We all know how easy it is to set up a facebook page, as soon as there is a problem - puff they disappear without a trace and with your money.

Please don't be the next bride to be cheated.
Alfred Angelo

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

White Rose Weddings Loves David Tutera Wedding Gowns

As you may know by now I am a newly converted fan (thanks in no small part to my daughter) of American Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera.
Yes over most of the UK summer holiday I have spent hours watching his TV show My Fair Wedding, and I must say I totally love it!

So this week I decided that I would feature a selection of his wedding gowns, I particularly like these as they have a delicate touch of colour.

Here are few of his white gowns

I really love these special designed for the bride who wishes to have a wedding gown and party dress in one 

if you would like to see more of his designs take a look at 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Celebrity Wedding Planner - Who Would You Choose

As a wedding planner I love just as any bride does to watch tv programmes all about weddings, its kind of like my homework lol.
In the UK there is a series on Channel 5 called Celebrity Wedding Planner, where a couple about to tie the knot hand over all control to two celebrities to plan their special day.
So the question I am asking is that if you could choose two celebrities to organise your big day who would you choose?

I am really looking forward to hearing your feedback