Sunday, 16 August 2015

15 Top Fun Ideas For Your Wedding

 What I love about weddings is that now couples are turning away from some of the traditional elements and instead making their weddings more personal and adding fun and individual touches.
Below I have chosen my top 15 ideas.......

1. A fun day out for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, organise some fun games, maybe some additional challenges such as hiring some inflatable games

2. A DIY Ice Cream Station

3. A DIY Waffle Station

4. Wisdom Cards
 Seeking advice from your Guests? great fun to look at when your big day is over
5.Who said you couldn't include your grandma's or Aunts into
 the Wedding party?

6. Crayons and Sweets for the kids table

7. Anniversary PiƱata
As guests to add a small gift, a comment card or a joke, a time capsule
 to be opened on the first Anniversary


8. Use photographs for your Table Plan
 9. A fun box for the Children who are attending the wedding, make sure you include a disposable camera with a "what shall I photograph" list.
the great thing about these is you can personalise them to each individual child.
10. Bubbles for all!

              11. Requests Cards to give to the DJ, add them to your RSVP's

12. Lawn Games, great for children and adults alike
13. Fingerprint Tree - Perfect alternative to a Guest Book
14. How about Donuts! - Perfect Sweet Treat for Any Reception
15. Activity Table - great idea for a playroom or quiet corner at your wedding, make sure this is put in a well lit area of your venue
 Do you have any great ideas that we have not shown? would love to hear them, get in touch and we will share them with other brides.