Monday, 29 October 2012

You are Gold!

If your looking for some ideas on colour schemes for your wedding you can't go wrong with Gold. Beautiful, elegant and if your looking for a stylish look then this could be for you.

The combination of flowers and candles are beautiful

Why not add a splash of colour to your gold then pale blue is perfect.

What I love about this look is the hanging branches from the ceiling and the candles, although personally I believe less is more, so I would maybe have less candles than shown in the photo, what do you think?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wedding Planners - Too Old?

I read something the other day that suggested that wedding planners may be out of touch with their brides wants and needs because of their age.
With a lot of planners like me who are in their 30's or 40's I guess it could be suggested that we may not be up with the current trends, or that we feel we know best.

Personally I feel that this is not a true representation of myself. Like most planners I spend most of my time researching the current trends through magazines, blogs, bridal shops and websites both here in the UK and abroad but more importantly I follow my brides and what seems to be the most popular choices

I  don't feel my age is of any real importance because when I work with a bride I am solely led by her ideas and vision. I let her guide me and alongside her I will gently guide the way through the choices and dilemmas she may have. That's my job, to make sure she is happy, ultimately the choices she makes are hers after all its her day. At the same time, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't show her ideas or make suggestions, making sure she avoids some of the common pitfalls when organising her wedding as well as trying to keep her on budget.

When a bride firsts becomes engaged the first thing she may do is act impulsively and buy lots of things for favours or table decorations. Its so hard to contain the excitement that she may feel. But it is common for a bride to change her mind about colour schemes and themes sometimes 3 or 4 times before the big day - so again I act as her guide to make sure that the money she spends is well spent and rash decisions are not made. I hope this doesn't make me sound like I am a bore who spoils the enjoyment for my brides but with age comes experience and as with all my brides I do my best to protect their interests.

Working together with a bride to create her vision for her perfect day is key, so to be honest I don't see age as being a real issue. As long as the bride has a good relationship with her planner that's all that really matters.

David Tutera - Greek Wedding Theme


One of the most inspirational wedding planners I have ever seen is David Tutera - wedding planner to the stars!.
His work is stunning and for those brides who have sky look out for his programme My Fair Wedding, very entertaining and some useful tips.

When you have a themed wedding it is easy to go too much one way by concentrating on the theme too much it can lose its elegance and become tacky. That is why I feel David has got it so right here.
I love the tent idea, the balance is so right thus creating a magical touch and getting the wow factor.

How I would love to work with him for just one day...... a dream come true

Jam Jar Hanging Decorations

One of my favourite decorations for parties and weddings are often the simplest and least expensive. Who would believe that you can create such stunning decorations by just using some wire, glass jars or bottle, glue and maybe some fabric or lace?

Jam Jar flower decorations are perfect for an outdoor wedding or vintage theme

What nicer way to put a personal touch to your occasion

  Whether you have them hanging on a hook, or above from the trees, the overall effect can be stunning.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Black and White Wedding Theme

If your looking for a simple and elegant look for your wedding, why not consider a black and white theme?
I have put together a selection of ideas to inspire you.

Stylish, Elegant & Classic

I have fallen in love with Black and White Anemones, they are so different yet so elegant.
Their delicate white petals and deep black centers prove to me that mother nature is very stylish and she sure knows how to combine black and white in a fabulous fashion. Not only are Anemones beautiful but also unique, which makes them a very popular wedding flower

Monday, 1 October 2012

Three Celebrities Tie The Knot This Weekend!!

Holly Valance, Anne Hathaway & Cat Deely all tie the knot on the same weekend!

Australian Actress Holly Valance & Property tycoon Nick Candy got married in Beverly Hills.
Holly looked amazing in a beautiful & dramatic lace J'Aton Couture Wedding Dress. She also carried a dark red bouquet and finished off her stunning look with a lace, vintage style veil which also doubled up as a train,

Cat Deely married Patrick Kielty in a secret wedding ceremony in Rome. Although they have only been dating for around 9 Months they have known each other for years. Friends and family literally found out at the last minute. I really cant wait to see the wedding photos to check out her wedding gown.

Anne Hathaway also married Adam Shulman in a romantic sunset ceremony in California. Anne wore a beautiful Valentino wedding dress, by all accounts their ceremony was had a " nature inspired theme".