Thursday, 28 March 2013

Wedding Planners - FAQ

After recent wedding fairs I thought today I would just go through some points raised by brides, as well as highlight a subject that I discovered on another planning blog that may help give a better understanding about the role of a Wedding planner. Here in the UK Wedding planners are not as widely used as in the USA. 
I am planning my own big day so why would I need the help of a planner?
 Every bride that I have had the pleasure to work with is certainly very capable, they have their own ideas and are often at the very start of their planning. They often come to me looking for direction, suggestions and advice. As a planner we are there to work with and for the bride and her family to bring together their vision and at the same time save them money, time and stress which hopefully makes the whole wedding planning process a little more enjoyable. We are not there to dictate or take anything away from the bride, we work together as a team.
"I have a limited budget so cannot afford a planner"
Please do not be put off by only having a small budget, one of our key tasks is to save you money! that's right! We will always sit down over a consultation and work with you and your budget so we can provide a plan just for you. Also by taking time to meet suppliers and businesses we can often recommend people that will go that extra mile to ensure you have the very best for your wedding as well as passing on discounts to our clients, so by using maybe 2 or 3 of the suppliers we recommend you could make a great saving.    Again we have a large database so we are not tied into just one or two people, the end decision is always yours. 
Why would you need a wedding planner/co-ordinator if you have  already got an ‘on site’  co-ordinator with your venue?
 The Answer to this is, both have different roles.
An on-site Co-ordinator’s job is  to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the Venue, that the kitchen is ready for the meal to be served on time, the room set up ready for the reception and they are essential for the smooth running of any services that you have requested from the Venue itself.
A Wedding Coordinator’s job is to ensure everything runs smoothly for YOU 
Your Co-ordinator will have been working with you for some time and will be there to take care of all the special personal touches,  Their focus is on you as a bride and bridegroom. They will have a list of all your suppliers and if for some reason your DJ does not arrive or there is a small blip in your day, your Wedding Co-ordinator should be able to remedy the problem.
One of our main roles is to assist brides in securing professional suppliers and businesses that are suitable for your wedding. Some Venues will often have recommended lists of professionals that they use, but please do not feel that you should be pressured into using their services, after all what suits one bride will not necessarily fit another. That is another reason why as an independent wedding planner we can help you with a variety of recommendations to suit every budget. So Because we are with you during the planning stages as it’s our job to know your  your wedding day priorities and to make sure that they are attended to. Another thing to bear in mind is that often when you are planning your wedding, a venue co-ordinator may have changed several times prior to your wedding, which at times can create problems itself.  When you hire your own co-ordinator you have consistency, that one person who understands just how you want things to be.
A wedding takes teamwork! from the suppliers, venue, co-ordinators even down to the bridal party. Everyone has their role to play in your special day.
So the choice should not be either or where co-ordinators are concerned, both have different roles to play, both are key components to ensuring your day runs seamlessly.
And realistically if either Co-ordinator tells you that ‘you don’t need the other coordinator’, consider finding another venue or wedding planner! Professionals know how important each role is and work together with respect!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wedding Fair Season- White Bear Hotel Masham

Well we are in throws of wedding season here in the UK, everyone is on what I call the Wedding Fair Trail. What better way to get out there and meet brides face to face and there is nothing more exciting than talking to brides about their plans for their wedding day. Its even nicer if a bride has come to my stand for some tips or advice and I have been able to help. For me its not about making sales, or pushing my services on people, its about saying Hi, I am here if you need help or advice. My very nature is to be helpful and doing things for others. I appreciate how much is involved in planning an event, whether that is a Wedding or a Hen/Stag night, with busy lives not everyone has the time to fit everything in. A bride who is using a wedding planner is not using one because they are not capable, most brides who I work with already have plans or ideas, or are already organising their day. These brides know what they want, but sometimes need or like an extra pair or hands to get things done. That's usually where I come in, I chat to the venues, suppliers, I run around collecting things and making phone calls. Having lots of great contacts is also great, as by referring couples often my contacts will give them discounts off their services, as well as that, if I am recommending them, couples can be reassured these suppliers are reliable and reputable.

This Sunday I can be found at:

 Wedding Fayre at White Bear Masham, North Yorkshire


 Classic Wedding Cars NE

 Alexa van Pagh Make-Up Artist

 Carlton Couture Bridal

 Envy HairandBeauty

 Fairy Cakes & Co.

 Swinton Dove Release and Owl or Hawk Ring Bearing

 White Rose Weddings

 Jodie Cakeaholix Lewis

 Party On Balloons & Event Hire

White Rose Weddings Are Pleased To Be Working With ...........Howard Smelt-Webb

I know that I have mentioned this before but  lot of my days as a Wedding and Event Planner are spent networking, its always nice when you meet people who very obviously want to go the extra mile for their clients......... literally.
I have been lucky enough to meet two lovely gentlemen called Howard & Darren who offer not only transport for your wedding but you can use their services for everything from airport runs, hen/stag nights or even a daytime tour around some of our most beautiful North Yorkshire Countryside.

They have two immaculate Black Range Rover Sports, perfect for those who want something a little less traditional, one thing you can be sure of, with these cars there is no worry about not making it to your wedding or event because of the bad weather! If you are a bridegroom who has been put in charge of seeking out transport for your big day, well look no further! 

So whatever the event, if you would like to arrive in STYLE, then check out their website below and give them a call!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rainbow Inspired Weddings

Lets be honest, Everyone loves a little bit of colour, but ever thought of having a wedding featuring the colours of the rainbow.

There are so many ways that they can be incorporated into your day, it is also a great way to cater for the bridesmaids, it gives them a chance to express their individuality, so a great way to keep everyone happy.  we all know which colours suit us best don't we?

How about this look for a countryside or festival wedding theme? 

I simply love the simplicity of the the chair ribbons, simple yet effective

This bride has not only let her bridesmaids choose their colour but also the style of dress

Here the bride has kept the main dress colours the same but has been creative with the flowers, shoes and accessories.  This is one of my favourite looks.

There are so many ways that you can decorate your venue too!

So why not brighten up your big day and add a splash of colour?

If you would like any information or ideas on how to create a Rainbow themed Wedding please get in touch or check out our website White Rose Weddings

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wedding Fair Update

Well what a lovely day I had at the Hambleton Forum Wedding Fair, catching up with some suppliers and meeting some lovely brides. Its always so nice to hear a brides plans and what better way to get ideas for your special day and collect information on suppliers that you may need. What I would say is, we do not bite so please never feel awkward about discussing your plans. We are not there to simply pounce on you and get you to sign up or buy our products. Of course we hope that we may be able to help you with something, but certainly as a Wedding Planner I am happy to just chat and if you need any advice or pointing in the right direction then please always feel free to ask.
Wedding fairs should be an enjoyable experience, all part of the build up for the bride especially, even if you find one thing that captures your imagination then it has been a worthwhile visit.

I am now starting to organise a second Wedding Fair for local brides, this time we will have a bridal show and some live singers.
so watch this space!

Over the next couple of weeks I am hoping to catch up a little on my blog posts as I have been very busy, so amongst the inspirational posts I will be posting details of what I have been doing.