Thursday, 14 March 2013

White Rose Weddings Are Pleased To Be Working With ...........Howard Smelt-Webb

I know that I have mentioned this before but  lot of my days as a Wedding and Event Planner are spent networking, its always nice when you meet people who very obviously want to go the extra mile for their clients......... literally.
I have been lucky enough to meet two lovely gentlemen called Howard & Darren who offer not only transport for your wedding but you can use their services for everything from airport runs, hen/stag nights or even a daytime tour around some of our most beautiful North Yorkshire Countryside.

They have two immaculate Black Range Rover Sports, perfect for those who want something a little less traditional, one thing you can be sure of, with these cars there is no worry about not making it to your wedding or event because of the bad weather! If you are a bridegroom who has been put in charge of seeking out transport for your big day, well look no further! 

So whatever the event, if you would like to arrive in STYLE, then check out their website below and give them a call!

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