Saturday, 31 March 2012

Daytime to Nightime Outdoor Weddings

With the unusual warm March we have just experienced in the UK followed by a visit to a lovely outdoor reception venue it was easy to be inspired into doing a blog about outdoor decor.

This pretty venue has been decorated in beautiful wild flowers and things have been kept simple using just a few paper lanterns and flower displays

For this simple garden wedding. strings of lights have been run from tree to tree, a few parasols have been put around the garden to create some shaded areas, and tables again have been kept simple with candelabras for centrepieces

Instead of marquees here simple gazebo's have been used to keep guests shaded

I love these following ideas for dressing your outdoor venue

Again these lights would be easy and low cost option to  recreate

If you have good chairs, why not show them off with simple bows without the chair covers

or ribbons to co-ordinate with your theme

Lighting is also important for an outside wedding. Several lights are used, strings of fairy lights, lanterns or even making handcrafted lamps and hanging them at desired place can actually enhance the atmosphere to the outdoor. Lights herald mood in addition to serenity to the occasion. Don’t combine too many lights though, everything needs to compliment each other. Just remember simplicity is key.
When you look at pictures of beautiful outdoor weddings, one thing that many have in common is decorations suspended from the trees. It can also be a perfect opportunityand bring your wedding colours into nature.

I really love these DIY glow in the dark lanterns, click on link below to see how simple they are to recreate.

I love this pretty trellis decorated with fairy lights and garlands of flowers and organza also could be simply recreated.

Chinese lanterns are perfect for the evening, what a wonderful way to light the night sky. Just make sure that you check with the venue that they are permitted, as safety has to be a priority.

However you decide to decorate your venue for your outdoor ceremony or reception, I am sure it will look both enchanting and magical

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