Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sweet Sensations

Sweet, Chic & Unique!

More and more brides are choosing a Candy Buffet, or Sweet Table as their Wow factor for their wedding.

There are really good companies out there that will supply and set up a beautiful table at your wedding for you, but if cost is an issue then it is still possible for you to recreate your own just with a little thought and imagination.

My first word of advice is to check out some photographs off the internet to give you a little inspiration.

Think of your theme? colour scheme? all of which your sweet table can be tailored to.

Then think of your sweets? what sweets would you really like to have at your wedding? as lovely as chocolate is think about your location of wedding and if your having it at the height of the summer will the chocolate be able to be kept cool.
When choosing your sweets, keep it to between 5 and 10 varieties at most, dependant on how large the table is.

Containers? - Jars, martini glasses, interesting glassware, use your imagination, its best to keep most of your table pretty uniform in shape, with a few statement peices. A good idea is to keep and eye out at charity & antique shops.
Make sure that all your containers have large enough openings at the top for you to get your scoop in and out of.

The real beauty of creating your own table is that you can decorate your table as you wish with beautiful fabric that matches your theme, and all those lovely containers can be dressed up with a touch of matching ribbon. Add some floral decorations, or a wishing tree perhaps to draw people towards it.

If you dont fancy a whole table of sweets, what about your centrepieces?
These will become a real talking point at your wedding..

There are a huge variety of sweets availible and you could even personalise your Candy buffet/Sweet table by using your very own Personalised sweets.

From personal experience, i would also advise that you purchase good quality sweets, trying to take shortcuts does not work.

Dont forget your scoops, bags or boxes too!

With a small child within us all i think these ideas will be a guaranteed hit.

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