Friday, 19 August 2011

We love Vintage Weddings

If you are a keen follower of wedding trends then it would be hard not to realise that "vintage" themed weddings are a big thing right now.
There are some beautiful vintage inspired wedding dresses around, with all their lace overlays, 
embelishments and fine details.
You only have to look back at the wedding of Model Kate Moss recently to see the attraction.

So along with the beautiful gowns, beautiful accessories, hair pieces and teacups on the table it would be hard not to see how a vintage wedding couldnt be a hit.

How vintage you decide to make your wedding is entirely up to you, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to planning, consider what era and elements fit your vision.

When choosing your shoes, especially if your wearing a shorter dress, its crucial that you look out for shoes with beads, pearls and crystals  and a slightly smaller heel. Dont forget though as always try to factor in comfort. Your wedding day is long and you will surprised how glad you will feel if you go for comfort as well as style.

I simply love these

Dont forget to carry your theme throughout with your hairpiece and accessories

And why not finish your outfit with a unique vintage crystal bouquet

when it comes to table centres and settings you cant go too far wrong with teacups, there as some beautiful ones available and if your on a tight budget, why not head down to the local charity shop, its amazing what little goldmines they can be.

They look fabulous on the table by themselves or you could add flowers such as dusty pink and cream roses and have them as centrepieces.
or how about this for something a little different, simple but chic too

Here are a few other ideas to inspire you

White Rose Wedding Recommends: Danby Castle

There is a beautiful Wedding Venue that has really taken the vintage ideas to heart and that is
 Danby Castle in North Yorkshire, they have a special vintage tea party wedding package

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