Thursday, 8 September 2011

Finding your dream venue - do's & dont's

 When it comes to organising thier wedding the most important job and the one that most brides agonise over most, well other than the dress is their Wedding Venue. With every type of venue to consider from Castles, Stately Homes, Museums,Art Galleries or a more modest garden or outdoor wedding its sometimes hard to know where to start.

So here i have put together a few tips and do's and dont's about looking for your perfect venue.

There are a combination of factors you should consider when searching for a venue

1. Type of Wedding - is it going to be indoor or outdoor
2. Theme - Are you going for a formal or more relaxed affair
3. Amount of guests
4. Budget
5. Location - is it a local wedding, factors such as distance between ceremony and reception locations if different, or are you having a destination wedding.

Once you have taken all these into account you should have some idea of what type of venue you are looking for.

When looking for your perfect venue, always look for several options, gain as much information as you can from their websites before booking a viewing.

Always, Always, Always view your chosen venue's, i know of brides who have fallen in love with a venue from the website alone, but on visiting it sometimes find it lacks a certain something that they were looking for.

One way you can tell if its the right venue for you is most brides will get a feeling, a sense of
"this is right, this is for me"

Whilst this is a good indication, try and keep your feet firmly on the ground and consider the budget, and be realistic about your options. You may fall in love with a venue, but if its not got disabled access for uncle george in his wheelchair, or the room just isnt big enough, then think again. Try not too get carried away. Think "practicalities"

As lovely as the wedding co-ordinator maybe, do not sign anything there and then unless you sure you can commit.

Once you have decided on your dream venue then its time to take a closer look and ask questions

When you visit your venue ask if they have a room plan or take a note pad with you to jot down the floorplan for yourself, write down what colour the carpet and walls are. Another good idea is to take a camera with you, get some reminders so that it makes life easier later on when planning your table set up and decor. 
Check with the venue about any restrictions they may have - some do not allow candles, some do not allow smoke machines to be used by the dj.

Double check the times when you can access your venue, and what time you have to leave, what about clearing up? is that included or is it something that needs to be organised.

Do you need any permits or licences?

How much help will you get for setting up on the day?

Is there a functions manager or your wedding co-ordinator on site during your wedding day?
Its surprising when brides find out on there wedding day that the co-ordinator who they have worked with for the past year doesnt actually work on the day of their wedding and its handed over to another member of staff.  If not, consider hiring an independent wedding planner who can ensure all your needs for the day are met and taken care of.

When looking at decorating your venue, try not to plan too far ahead by rushing out and buying things that you may later change your mind about. Let your venue do the talking - look at the colours and room shapes and features- how can you make the most of them.
Take your time and research as many options as you can,  chat with your local florist to see what they can do for you, they often have some fun and different ideas.

What about balloon art?

Ask the venue what they have that you may be able to hire or borrow for the day

Wishing trees, and different types of lighting can affect the mood to create a really romantic and enchanted theme. Fairylights are always a big hit.

Remember its Your Day, and its Your Way, you can be as creative as you like and if your not well dont panic, check out monthly magazines for ideas or ask your wedding planner for some inspiration.

Good luck with your search

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