Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bridal Hair Gallery

All Brides want to look totally stunning on their special day, they want their grooms to have the wow! factor when they first see their beautiful bride walking down the aisle.
Of course all the focus is not entirely on the dress, just as important is the hair, make up and accessories.
Today i thought we could take a look at some of the most popular bridal hair styles.

Whether or not you have long or short hair, thinking of an up do or down do, dont forget to think of a couple of important factors.

The type of wedding you are planning, are you going for a very formal affair, or are you going for a more relaxed civil ceromony or garden wedding.

When exploring different styles a good hairdresser will also consider factors such as the type of dress you will be wearing, and the style of neckline. Also they will will work with a style that suits the shape of your face and what kind of accessories you are considering, such as are you having a veil? tiara or flowers in your hair?

So here is a gallery of my favourite and most popular styles

Short and Sassy

 The Up Do

Just remember plan your hairstyle in plenty of time, try to avoid changing style or hair colour too close to the wedding. Always consult a Hairdresser and make sure you have a couple of trials before the big day itself. Another word of warning, make sure you choose a reputable hairdresser who you know is reliable, i have had experiences of the bride being let down on her big day by a hairdresser who doesnt make an appearance, the last thing anyone wants is a stressed out bride trying to do her own hair.

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