Monday, 21 November 2011

Children Or No Children At Weddings

Well the very first thing to consider when you are drawing up your guest list is whether or not you are going to have a children attending your wedding. It really is a personal choice, some people love having the buzz of lots of children around, others prefer to keep things more formal and decide it should be adults only. If you decide that you wish your wedding to be adults only, then do remember to make it clear on your invitations, and for guests who have children make sure that their invitations are sent out well in advance in order for them to make childcare arrangements. If things are clear from the start parents are less likely to be upset about not bringing their children. In fact most parents welcome the chance to have a break for the day.

If you are intending to have children on the day, then make sure you factor in their needs too.
Here are some ideas of how to keep your younger guests happy.

1. Childrens menu
 make sure you have made arrangements for a childrens food option, when you are paying for meals its best to decide on something unfussy for them to eat, such as pizza, or chicken nuggets, or simply a child sized portion.  At some weddings couples decide to have a separate table for children, but this really depends on the age of the children, do they need assistance with feeding? most parents are happy to keep their children close especially during the meal.

2.  Table activities
To keep the children entertained during the speeches a good idea is to provide table activities
such as colouring books & bubbles

There are plenty of options that can be purchased online, beautiful bags and boxes that are already filled with activities and toys.

Equally and especailly for budget savvy brides, it is very simple to put together your own activity packs for the children to do, you could even use pictures that have been printed from one of the many free printable children websites. Colouring books, pens, puzzles are relativly inexpensive.
For older children, how about disposable cameras, this gives them the opportunity to record the day themselves by taking some fun photos.

3. Activity table
 Another Great idea is to set aside space for your own childrens activity table, especailly great if you have younger children attending.

 The table should be colourful and you can let your imagination run wild, puzzles, drawing, games, bubbles.

4.  Creche /entertainers
 If your budget allows you could always look at hiring another room and hiring creche services, and entertainers for a few hours to keep the children amused and happy. Facepainting, balloon modelling and magicians are always popular. Always make sure if you are hiring childcare that staff are certified and experienced.

5.  Outdoor games
 One idea I used for my special day was outdoor games, we had a beautiful outdoor location surrounded by lawns and fields. As we had a few children attending we purchased some large outdoor games, activities such as giant Jenga, chess, noughts and crosses, giant pick up sticks. These went down very well and can be enjoyed by your older guests too.

So having children at your wedding need not be chaotic, with a little prior planning, children and parents can all enjoy celebrating your special day.

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