Saturday, 7 January 2012

Brides Beware!

Dont let this be you, I hear about so many couples having their day ruined by suppliers, caterers or wedding venues going out of business and bankrupt. Even today a bride had her big day devastated by her venue closing down just 6 weeks before her special day.
 It's so easy to get carried away with all the finer details or favours, decor, flowers, forgetting one vital element, wedding insurance.
Too many brides are caught out and left dissapointed by losing their dream and their money often at the very last minuite.

So My advice? if you can possibly afford to, look into protecting yourself by taking out some wedding insurance, most companies offer different levels of protection, its just a matter of working out which cover is best for you. 
 If not the other alternative is to book using a credit card which will give you some protection.

Unfortunatly, if you live with a serious medical condition then it is impossible to get insurance cover.

So do your research, find a company that will best suit your needs

below are a few suggestions of websites to check out...

Good luck

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