Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wedding Flowers & Meanings

With so many beautiful flowers to choose from when it comes to deciding what flowers to have in our bridal bouquets it can often be quite a difficult decision to make.

So today I thought we could look at flowers and their meanings which may in turn assist you in making your choices.


Apple Blossom - Good Fortune
Camellia - Gratitude
Carnation - Facination
Crysanthemum (red) - I love you
Crysanthemum (white) Truth
Cyclamen - Modesty
Daffodil - Regard


Daisy - Innocence
Forget-me-not - Rememberance
Gardenia - Joy
Heather - Good Luck
Honeysuckle - Generosity
Hyacinth - Lovliness
Hydrangea - Boastfulness
Ivy - Fidelity
Iris - Burning love
Jasmine- Amiability
Lilac - Innocence

Stargazer Lillies

Cala Lillies
Lily - Majesty
Lily-of-the-valley - Return of happiness
Magnolia - Perserverance
Mimosa - Sensitivity
Orchid- Beauty
Rose- Love
Snowdrop - Hope

Sweet Pea - Pleasure
Tulip - (red) I love you
Tulip - (white) I am worthy of you
Violet- Faithfullness

Gerbera- Innocence and Purity
Cala Lily - Purity

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