Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to Choose Your Wedding Cake

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When it comes to choosing your Wedding Cake can often seem like quite a daunting task. With your cake being one of the main focuses at your reception, you want to make sure that you choose a cake that not only tastes good but that makes and impression on your guests.

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There are a few things that you should consider when choosing your cake, 
 here are my top tips to help

1. Budget - Always make sure that you have a budget set aside for your cake

2. What Size? - Think about the size of cake you want and need - take into account the size of your venue, the amount of guests and if you are choosing a tiered cake how many will you really need.

3. Style - With so many beautiful cakes around try seeking some inspiration from wedding magazines, cut out clippings of cakes you like. Take them with you to the bakery to show them what elements you like from each. Don't forget to also ask to see their portfolio for ideas of cakes they have previously made.

4. Extras - Remember custom designed cakes, hand painted flowers & intricate piping, all take extra time to perfect, so be prepared to factor in extra money into your cake budget.

5. Taste - Fillings, whilst a fruit cake may be a tradition, nowadays there are so many different fillings and flavour cakes to choose from. Don't forget to take into account guests with allergies

6. Tastings - Always visit your baker first and taste the quality of the cakes, it may also help when making your decision on flavours,

7. On a budget - Whilst some supermarkets sell basic iced wedding cakes, don't be afraid to approach a baker and ask what they can do for the amount you have in your budget, you may be surprised!
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