Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wedding Dresses - What Not to Wear

So I was doing some research online and thought that we should have some fun and look at some of the more unusual choices for Wedding Dresses.
 All these Dresses have a unique, funky flavour and some I would say may not be appropriate especially if you are having a religious ceremony, let me know what you think?

 Fancy lighting up the life of your husband to be with this glow in the dark wedding dress

Personally I feel this might not be practical for a winter wedding or a cold day

Pretty in pink frills

What about feeling close to nature with this dress made from Hay?

Perfect for a woodland wedding

Hand painted dress

What about this White Rose Dress?  personally I feel its a little short

 Every football supporters dream wedding dress, this Manchester City fan certainly carried her love for football throughout her theme.

This dress is made from .... Yes coloured condoms
a safe bet maybe?

For the Bride who feels a little peckish, well at least you wouldnt have the problem of
 storing the dress afterwards

This dress is made from peacock feathers

I love this idea, a balloon dress, mind you making sure that it stayed intact all day may be a challenge, maybe not the most practical of dresses

Flower Power

So are you going to be a unique bride or a more traditional bride?

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