Friday, 29 June 2012

White Rose Weddings soon to go International

As a Wedding Planner in the UK it is often difficult to break down the misconceptions of what we do as our job. In the USA Wedding brides are more likely to approach a Wedding Planner to assist with the organisation of their big day.

Nowadays with families being spread all over the world more couples are looking to destination weddings. I would love to offer this service to my brides in the UK, to this I feel the best way to do this would be to team up with Planners in other countries.

I often talk to other Wedding Planners especially in the USA, they are often a great support and we are able to share some really useful and informative tips. So I have had the idea that one of the things that I will be looking further into in the near future is organising Destination Weddings. My first step is to contact other planners in the USA and other countries with the view to teaming up with them and working with them to assist couples in the UK organise their big day abroad. Likewise the planners that I team up with will also be able to refer couples to me to assist them if they are wanting to plan their big day in the UK.
I have already had a couple of promising conversations and have arranged a meeting with lovely Event Planner in Florida, so watch this space - White Rose Weddings may soon be going International!

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