Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A day in the life of an event planner - Asian Pre wedding Celebration

This evening I thought it would be fun to share with you one of my recent events, its always nice to give people an insight into what is involved being a wedding and event planner.

Recently I have become involved with a local venue Forum Northallerton , I will go into more detail about this fabulous venue at a later date. Now those who know me will know what I mean when I say I just have to keep busy, sometimes my mind is soooooooo busy which is great until my body decides actually it cannot really keep up lol.

This weekend I was involved in the organisation of an Asian Pre - wedding celebration. We had several meetings along with the manager to discuss arrangements and I knew from the start that it would be a long day. 176 people were due to arrive so we had to get the room set up with the appropriate number of tables in a horseshoe arrangement with a main table for the bridal party. Sometimes it looks easy when it is on paper but when you actually come to put the plan into action you often find you have to tweak things a little, so that people can get around and have the freedom they need to move.
The caterers then arrived, they had a very slick operation and worked very professionally and got things organised and tables laid out. 

Next we got the seating plan mounted on a display board and organised a location in the entrance for Ganesh, it looked great.

At the request of the family I dressed in a Sari, I had never put one on myself before so did not really know where to start, But one of the kind family members took me aside and dressed me. I lost count of the amount of compliments I received that day, it made me think that maybe I should wear one more often! I have never seen such a display of colour. So I stationed myself in the foyer ready to welcome the guests along with the official photographer of the day.

Once everyone had arrived my next task was to get everyone seated for the entrance of the bride and bridegroom. To do this I was asked to announce it, now I am not often asked to be master of ceremonies so it is a new challenge for me. It was rather daunting to be up on stage in front of so many people with a microphone. There I stood, making the first announcement, only for the people at the back to point out they could not hear me, so with my trusty assistant who knows more about the technical side, turned the volume up, so take two..... but this time as soon as I opened my mouth BOOM! you could say it went from one extreme to another. By the time we got to the 4th announcement I had just about managed to get into the stride of things.

After the starters had been served it was time for some entertainment, there was some wonderful dancing on the stage, performed by family members at the request of the bride and bridegroom. Some of the family were still recovering from the dancing the night before, as most people will know where Asian weddings are concerned celebrations often go on for several days.

The food was a typical feast of Indian food, served buffet style, the family and friends really went out of the way to make sure we were all looked after with meals too. So nice of them.

After the meal and dancing it was time for the guests to leave, I think everyone had come over at some point to say thank you, passing on their appreciation for our hard work during the day - its the simplest things that make such a difference. I can't wait now until the next function.

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