Friday, 19 July 2013

How to work out your Guest List

One thing that every Bride to be thinks is that if you spend enough time, effort and money on your wedding it will be perfect and everything will be exactly right. On the whole that is often the case but realistically you should always be prepared for some hitches and challenges along the way. One area that will almost always seem challenging is the guest list. You need to invite the right people, keep it intimate, at the same time surrounding yourselves with those that you love an important to you. Its tough! It is so easy to get carried away and often does not really dawn on you until you actually come to work out the cost of the catering and the price tag becomes a reality.
I am sure just like myself if your on Facebook you have hundreds of friends and connections, but if you take a closer look most of these people are often people whose comments we "like" or occasionally exchange a few word with. We probably all have some friendships that are drifting a little, what with status updates and commenting on friends photographs I am sure that we are all lulled into the false belief that we are keeping in touch with someone. So truthfully are some of these people the ones I really should be inviting to my wedding? 

With price tags for a wedding breakfast ranging from £40 a head plus, then wine costs, buffet the catering will often be the biggest cost of the wedding budget. So it pays to think practically. 
So focus on the people who really matter to you, the ones that mean the most, the ones that for one reason or another stay in touch but maybe you don't get to spend too much time with because of the geography, or because they just have as we all do, hectic lives. I usually advise couples to use the rule - family, extended family, close friends, work colleagues and acquaintances. After all those you cant invite to the daytime you could always invite to the evening reception - that way you get the best of both worlds.

Think of things this way, when you look back at your wedding photos a year or so after your big day who will still be significant in your life? of course we don't all have a crystal ball but it might give you some clarity to who you maybe should invite to your wedding.

Then when it comes to the seating plan, if you struggle, why not enlist the help of your wedding planner, they can give you some useful tips and advice.

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