Sunday, 24 November 2013

Reasons to find a good DJ

Finding a good DJ can be a real nightmare, especially with so many that pop up on directories or that can be found on facebook. Choosing a good DJ is often crucial to the atmosphere of your overall wedding or party. With budgets tight it often comes down to money but is it wise to just go for the cheapest you can find? 
So how much would you pay? for a DJ
A better question to ask a bride after a bargain-basement DJ ruined her wedding or party is, “How much would you have paid?”
Here are just a few comments below that have come from brides feedback about their DJs .....
- “He showed up an hour late, and wearing a t-shirt and jeans to our formal wedding reception.”
- “He must have ordered a dozen or more beers at the bar, and he appeared very drunk by the end of the night.”
- “We were promised a specific DJ, but a total stranger showed up instead. He didn’t have our reception information, or the music we specifically requested.”
- “He ignored our music request list and the requests by our guests, and played his favorite music instead.”
- “He mispronounced several names while introducing the wedding party.”
- “He played the music too loudly, and refused our repeated pleas to turn it down.”
- “Our wedding venue refused to let the DJ perform because he didn’t have the required liability insurance; so we ended up with no DJ and no music.”
- “He announced the Father-Daughter dance without checking to see that my father was in the room, then stopped the party for 5 minutes while we all searched for my dad.”
- “He started our First Dance without checking to see that our photographer was in the room (he wasn’t); so we have no pictures of our First Dance.”
- “He had the nerve to say: What do you EXPECT for such a cheap price?
- “We tried to reach him several times during the planning stage, but he took days or even weeks to respond.”
- “I just assumed that all DJs were alike, and the cheapest one was the best value.”
Too many brides who choose their wedding suppliers by price alone learn too late that there’s a reason the cheap ones are cheap: they simply don’t provide the level of service professionals provide.

So how do you avoid a DJ disaster?

Check their website and for reviews . Bad DJs get bad reviews – or no reviews at all. Ask around for personal recommendations from friends or relatives, or ask your local wedding/event planner
Take the time to actually meet with the DJ. Yes, it’s one more thing you have to do on top of a thousand other things as you plan your wedding, but you’ll feel a lot more confident knowing that gotten to know the man who holds the fate of your reception in his hands.
You get only one chance to have a great wedding reception. Make it count. Do your homework. And don’t get cheap when it comes to your entertainment. It’s the one thing your guests will remember most and they’ll remember whether you cared enough about them to hire a professional.

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