Friday, 19 June 2015

Rustic Inspiration & Ideas

Anybody who knows me knows that I love rustic themed events, from Barn Dances, Weddings to general outdoor parties, keeping with nature and a rustic theme gives you the perfect excuse to use things around us without having to spend lots of money. After all we all want to have a perfect event but preferably without the cost.
What I like about this table setting is the way that they have used an assortment of coloured bottles and jars and simply filled them with a few wild flowers.  Simple but effective and if you do not have any bottles or jars around a great way to source them is to visit charity shops or car boot sales, why shouldn't you have a little fun with it?
With this table setting what I particularly like are the way they have added pine cones, place with the flowers, bottles or Jars on a piece of burlap again keeps things looking rustic and natural, effective but informal.

One of my favourites now are things displayed on Log slabs, its proving very popular for using as a base for centrepieces. Here they have used them for their cake table. Just a note, make sure they are treated before you use them, especially for food.

How about a natural wishing tree, a perfect way for guests to leave little messages, perfect for any event and what a great way to keep a reminder of the day, find a little matching box and treasure those memories for always

Feeling creative? what about making your own table place stands?
One of the great things with a rustic event is that you can get away with so much, here they have used a mish mash of wooden chairs, I think you will agree it really works.
Hopefully I have given you some food for thought! don't hold back, use your imagination and remember that part of the fun is personalising your event, giving your guests talking point and creating a wow factor.


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