Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Inspired? I Certainly Am

There are many parts to being a wedding planner, you have to be organised, creative, and certainly a people person. I have always enjoyed meeting new people and after being a teacher in a nursery school for over 20 years i am used to meeting, greeting and dealing with people from all walks of life. My biggest claims to fame is i used to teach the daughter of the drummer in depeche mode, see so i have even rubbed shoulders with celebrities!

Establishing a good business also means that you need to network and get to know other reputable businesses within your area (this is where being a people person helps).
As a wedding planner i really want to make sure i am able to provide couples with choices, I believe that one size does not fit all, and that each bride is an individual and want's to put their own personal stamp on their special day. After all its often those personal touches that people remember. With so many choices, themes and locations availible it can be at times a little overwhelming, so this is where i come in, and in my bid to offer an exceptional service to my clients i do my best to source other small and large businesses for my database.

So today off i went to Northallerton, only short drive away from where i am based. Here i have found a little jewel, hidden away in a little yard just off the high street is the studio and gallery of Sue Simpson.
Sue runs a business called Inspired by script.
A Calligrapher, lettering Artist and Creative bookbinder she has over 20 years experience, she offers a Bespoke service.
Wedding Stationary, Guest books, Place Cards, Photo Albums, and Seating Plans to name but a few.

What struck me instantly about Sue was her warmth and how she welcomed me into her gallery. It is instantly obvious to anyone that she really cares about her work and really puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

The standard of her work is really high and i was very impressed by what i saw. So for anyone who is looking for someone to take care of their wedding stationary and wants that personal touch then Sue Simpson is your lady. So why not check out her site or even go and visit her gallery in person as i am positive you will recieve a warm welcome.

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