Saturday, 9 July 2011

Beautiful Blooms

When it comes to choosing flowers for your special day,  So many different flowers, colours and arrangements its hard to know where to start. So today i thought we would focus on the options that are available.

Bridal flowers - my first word of advice would be to think about your dress, the shape and style of your dress and choosing a bouquet that will enhance your outfit. Consider your theme and if you are wanting to incorporate it into your bridal flowers.
Below i have put some examples of styles of wedding bouquets.

The Spray


 The Spray is a classic triangular shaped arrangement

The Nosegay
 A round arrangement that comes in a variety of sizes usually handtied with a decorative ribbon

       The  arm arrangement

These bouquets are simple & classic, nestled into the crook of the arm. Easy to put together

The Cascade

A beautiful arrangement with blossoms that trail almost down to the floor

The Beidermeir

A round floral arrangment of continuous circles of different flowers

The Composite

A handmade, creative arrangement where different petals and buds are wired together

Loose Tied

Less structured than a nosegay and usually included are many different types of flowers that are informally arranged. The stems are tied loosely and the arrangement often looks like flowers were just picked from a garden

The Pomander

A sphere or ball of flowers with a ribbon handle, perfect for younger bridesmaids and as hanging decorations for an outdoor ceremony

Whatever type of bouquet you choose, always consult a professional florist about the availability of your chosen flowers, an appointment at least 6 months prior to your wedding is a good idea, and dont forget popular florists will be booked up long beforehand.

If your looking at making your own loose tied bouquets, again check out local markets or florists for the availibility of your chosen flowers - make sure you dont get caught out at the last moment.

Next week we will look at other options for the less traditonal bride..........

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