Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Splash of Colour

With brides nowadays wanting to create that Wow Factor for their wedding, one option is to consider a Coloured Wedding Dress. Whilst not for everyone, these dresses are becoming increasingly popular.
In other cultures colour is a symbolism of good luck, reds and golds especially are common place.

Here are a few ideas                         
                                                                        Tickled Pink


  Baby Blues

Deep Purples

Reds, Yellows & Greens

Black Wedding Dresses, again it is a case of personal choice, If you are very traditional then this is not the colour for you. Black wedding dresses are not considered suitable for church ceremonises, as it is traditionally the colour of mourning. But for a Gothic Themed Wedding it could be a perfect choice.

Now if your a very confident bride who really wishes to make a statement then maybe this dress is for you.

How about this airbrushed wedding dress for the more artistic bride

But if its just a subtle hint of colour you are looking for these dresses from Alfred Angelo are perfect.


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