Saturday, 6 August 2011

High Street & Budget Brides

We all know that when it comes to weddings the price of everything instantly doubles, so its not hard to see why we all look for inventive ways to save money when planning our weddings. With many of us having dreamed of our big day for a long time, one thing we dont wish to compromise on is our dresses, but now thanks to many high street retailers we dont have to. Many of them are working hard to recreate designer dresses so that we may get a beautiful style dress at a budget price.

After the popularity of the royal wedding between Kate middleton and Prince William the demand for a recreation of Kate's bridesmaid Pippa Middleton was such that Debenhams got straight to work.
The dress is £170

The high street store are expecting it to be an instant sell out when it is launched later this year, so to avoid dissapointment they have created a waitling list for this limited addition dress.
They are also looking to launch a version of the emerald green dress that Pippa wore to the evening event at Buckingham Palace.

Another high street store i love is British Home Stores, they have a wonderful range of bridal dresses from as little as £120, i think these photos prove that you do not have to compromise on style being a budget savvy bride.

They also do some lovely bridesmaids dresses for children

And teenagers, we know how important it is for them to look and feel stunning too

So before you rush down to that bridal store on the corner, think twice, your perfect dress may just be closer than you think.

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