Saturday, 24 September 2011

Here Comes the Bride with a very long Veil !

Here comes the bride...........

They say it’s a day you should never forget – and that’s certainly the case
 for Italian bride Elena De Angelis and the village of Casal di Princice.
She has broken the world record for the longest wedding dress by arriving to the church with a mammoth, 3km long veil.

With a veil of 2 miles long, it is around 28 times the length of Manchester United's Old Trafford pitch,  dozens of seamstresses took several months to create it.
Elena Married in Italy, with scores of helpers needed to help keep the veil off the ground.
She was driven to the church in a cream open-top classic car with her veil stretching
down the street behind.

 So what do you think? how many bridesmaids would you need to help you out with that on the day?

Stunning or total madness?

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