Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Inspiration for Table Names

When it comes to your seating plan and your tables for your wedding reception you can keep things simple by placing numbers on the table or you can be a little different and name your tables.
Naming your tables gives you a real opportunity to personalise your wedding reception, it gives you chance to show off your personalities too.

Here are a few suggestions that i have put together

Flowers  - names of your favourite flowers

Colours - connected with your scheme - so if your theme is green - sage, forrest, emerald

Hobbies - something connected to something you enjoy

Songs - names of artists or your favourite songs

Names of places you have been together

Venue - use your type of venue for inspiration - names of castles

Seasons - if its a winter wedding - snowflake, blizzard

Location - names of local attractions or places nearby

Christmas wedding - Reindeer names, christmas carols or twelve days of christmas

Football teams, or players

Special places - that mean alot to you both

Beers of the world, or cocktail names

Names of Beaches

Famous people

Favourite film titles



Names of Soap operas

Superhero or Dr who theme

Disney or cartoon charachters

There are some great ways to display your seating plans and table names too

I love this idea, you could take pictures of yourselves to give an added twist to your table names

Chalkboards, inexpensive and simple

another simple and inexpensive idea is to use postcards with pictures of nearby locations, or places you have been

Seating plans

How about using picture frames either on the table for the names or displayed as above
 for a seating plan

inspired by script

If you want that professional and elegant touch to your seating plan or table names theni advise you to seek out a professional calligrapher

Do not be afraid to use your imagination and let it run wild at the end of the day a wedding is also meant to be fun.

Inspired by script    www.northyorkshireweddings.co.uk



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