Friday, 10 August 2012

Sylvia Weinstock Wedding Cakes

Sylvia is the one that all celebrities turn to when looking for the wedding cakes, in her 80's and with her company based in New York some of her creations can cost anything up to £45,000!! 

The Clinton's as well as Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas are just a couple of her celebrity clients.

The secret ingredient for Sylvia Weinstock’s success is there are no shortcuts– in cake or in life. She uses only the best ingredients available. While the flowers for a large cake may be made weeks in advance, the cakes are baked, filled, and iced one or two days prior to the delivery date so every client receives a fresh, tender, and delicious cake

This week I thought  it would be lovely to feature some of her work .

for brides who are interested in Sylvia's cakes you have to call direct to make a personal appointment


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    1. They certainly are stunning cakes Michael. Glad you enjoy my blog too its always nice to get some feedback :)