Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fresh Flowers v Silk/Artificial Flowers

When it comes to making your decision about your wedding flowers there are a few factors to take into consideration.

Firstly Fresh flowers v Silk/Artificial Flowers

The first Myth to dispel is that Silk Flowers are cheap. If you want really good, realistic looking flowers they can end up costing as much as real. These days silk flowers are so realistic that it is not until your guests actually touch them or try to smell them that they realise.
I recall at my wedding a few years ago that my table decorations were made of silk and set in a gel which looked like water, at the end of the reception I decided to give them away to some of my guests - it was not until a week after the wedding that one of my guests told me that she had carefully carried it on her lap home for over an hour in the car so that she didn't spill the water or disturb the flowers!
Mixed Colourful Bridal Bouquet, Sunflowers, Anemonies,Orchids,Roses

Silk/Artificial Flowers

They can also look as realistic

The can be slightly cheaper than fresh flowers

Great choice for people with allergies

Great idea for destination weddings as they travel better, cost less than importing fresh flowers

If you are getting married in the height of the summer, especially if you have nowhere cool to keep your flowers

Preservation - What better way to keep your bouquet as a permanent reminder of your special day

Some brides who have lost someone close to them choose to place their bouquet on their grave, as a symbol of wanting to share their day with them.

 Fresh flowers

Using fresh flowers with the colour and smell always lends an air of romance to your celebrations

If you really love flowers and you have a good budget then why not go all out and hire a florist to help you and work together on choosing the types of flowers you need and help you create your vision for your wedding.

If you have a flower that has a special meaning to you, think about incorporating them into your arrangements. My husband to be moved from Australia so when choosing my flowers I chose to have some eucalyptus added to my bouquet. After all its your day so the perfect time to add those little personal touches.

If your on a tight budget then why not only get a bridal bouquet, posy for bridesmaids and buttonholes for groom and grooms men.

Try and buy flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding, consider buying flowers direct from the growers rather than the florists.

Still cannot decide?

Why not go for something alternative? 


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  1. thanks for the info. Now I know what I'm going to choose.