Sunday, 26 August 2012

Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Cakes

Today's brides are now looking beyond traditional when it comes to wedding cakes. Some people just do not like wedding cake, others just want to stamp their personality on their day. Even traditional cakes have changed over the years where brides are no longer restricted to fruit or sponge, with everything from chocolate to peanut butter flavour!

A while ago I wrote a short post on alternatives to wedding cakes, as requested by one of my followers we are revisiting this topic in a little more detail.

so we will start with Donuts!  if you love donuts then this is the option for you, just by arranging them on a suitable cake stand can transform it into the cake of your dreams.

Not for you? something more adventurous? what about jelly shots, again arranged on a display stand

A Pizza lover? how about this for an alternative

What about a sweet treat cake

This is a cheese wedding cake, a choice of cheeses stacked on top of one another that can be displayed and decorated with either fruit or flowers

Pork Pie wedding cakes are surprisingly popular

 Cupcakes! one of my favourites, you could choose a selection of different flavours to suit 
all your guests

This couple decided to just have a dessert table and not have a cake at all, a great opportunity to share all your favourite desserts with your guests

 another growing trend is cake pops

Why not have a Sweet Table instead, providing a variety of sweet treats in jars and containers with scoops and bags, a lovely idea for guests to take home or eat on the spot

What about a rainbow display of macaroons or why not try cookies of your choice

Saving the best until last, waffles.... with a selection of fruits and creams, let guests add their own fruit and creams.

So when planning your wedding think outside the box, your wedding is about you and your groom, your personalities and likes, mixing tradition with your own touches is a perfect way of creating a memorable day

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