Friday, 31 August 2012

Wedding Day Beauty

Its your big day, your going to look stunning and all eyes will be on you, a little scary but true, after all you are the bride.
So when it comes to your make up the first thing you need to decide is are you going to do your own or are you going to hire a professional?  You may be a dab hand at your everyday make up but with the stresses of your big day you may want to hand your bridal beauty to someone else. 

If you decide to book a make-up artist, you will need to arrange a make-up trial before the big day. This is where you can take along photos and discuss make up ideas. It's especially important you get a make-up look that suits your skin type and face shape. But don't forget to be yourself - just because it's your wedding day, that doesn't mean you have to wear loads of make-up

If you decide to go ahead and do your own make up, why not take a tip to the local make up counter and seek some advice, there are plenty of consultants that will assist you in creating the look you want for the day. Besides its a good excuse to treat yourself to some new cosmetics!

In the weeks prior to your wedding try to drink plenty of water, eat healthily and try to get enough sleep, these are all things that will help your skin and eyes clear and bright on the day.

Also try not to change your daily skincare routine, after all you don't want to risk
 blotchy skin now do you?

Try to keep your look light and natural and you will look amazing for the duration of the day.

for any brides in North Yorkshire that are looking for a great make -up artist then why not try 
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