Monday, 22 July 2013

Just a little insight

When I first began blogging I was told to make sure that I did not make it too personal, keep it simply professional. Well over the past year or so I have began to realise that some people who impart advice no matter how good willed it may seem, may not necessarily be right. So after a great deal of thought I have decided to give you a little more of a window into my life. After all, how else will people get to know the real me?

No I am not going to now give you my total life story, well not just yet! but a snippet here and there cannot hurt can it?

People think that wedding and event planning is a picnic and I am always told it must be my dream job, well it is on the whole. I get to know and work with some lovely brides and other businesses, my whole world has completely opened up. I knew it would be hard work, stressful even, starting a business in this climate a lot of people thought I was mad! well maybe I am, but I guess I have always enjoyed a challenge. The last couple of years have certainly been that, what I was not thinking about was how cut throat the wedding industry can be, it can be very clicky at times and there a circles of businesses that exclude others because the do not see a fit. Personally I believe in working together, supporting each other and giving other new small businesses a helping hand if I can. Surly giving the brides or the people that we work for the best choice possible is key?
So I continue to strive away and do my best for my clients. 

This year has been exciting and exhausting on so many levels. Wedding fairs, including a couple that I have organised myself, weddings, photo shoots, general networking on top of family commitments and events. Finally at the end of May I had to take a break, I think from working non stop and constantly driving myself my brain just became overloaded and went STOP! Something that lots of my nearest and dearest were trying to tell me to do, but as always I thought I knew best.
So I did, I took a couple of weeks "rest time" and came back with a refreshed pair of eyes and then threw myself into diversifying my business a little more and organising some other events. I am currently working on a tribute evening which I hope will go down a storm but right now I am devoting a little more time to family stuff.

My eldest daughter has had a busy year, hence so have I, we started with a wedding in April, which was lovely, lots to do and she was happy to have me involved which was lovely. I will never forget the moment when I saw my Son walking her down the aisle, I was so proud and even now I choke when I think of it.
This was shortly followed by a house move and now a baby, my first grandchild is due shortly, yes Kate beat her to it, just. Because my daughter lives in Bristol which is about 4 and a half hours from me I have to put things on hold to come down, but that is fine as I would much rather be here supporting her and her husband - after all you can never get these moments back. So I will keep you posted with any news, I should know a little more tomorrow - so I must confess to being a little excited. But for now I must offer my congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of their first son and to the grandparents and great grandparents too! I am pretty sure by the end of the week we too will be celebrating so watch this space!

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